Naked Juice, OMD Ignition Factory and Curb Media came to us to bring the ingredients in Naked’s new Power Garden vegetable juice line to life. We took over a bustling Chicago plaza with an interactive experiment in urban agriculture, reconnecting commuters with the nature behind each bottle of Naked Juice in a visceral way. Brimming with real vegetables that we transformed into simple botanic circuits, our garden invited visitors to discover the veggies’ unique personalities by touching them and triggering life-like audio reactions. Visitors helped keep the garden hydrated by Tweeting water-related messages to @ThePowerGarden, which turned the garden’s sprinklers. Over the course of the two month installation, fans from around the world helped care for the garden and checked its progress on our live webcam.

Technologies Used:

Arduino (C/C++)

Android Tablets with custom application (Java/Android)

Custom Capacitive touch and vibration sensors

Ultrasonic rangefinders


Wifi enabled AC relay system